Aceites Aneas

5 Foods Group has gained the rights to an exclusive contract with Acietas Aneas Olive Oil Producer for importing to North America, Canada and Europe. In September 2017 we partnered with Acietas Aneas and Ermac Europe, SL to import a broad line of bottled and bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Olive Oil from the Andalusia Region of Spain.

Premium Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil from SPAIN ONLY in the region of Andalusia. Bottled at Nuestra Señora del Carmen olive mill in Otivar Spain amongst the Sierra del Almijarra mountains. Flavor: sweet, aromatic and fruity Picual olive oil is robust, young and herbal. The first cold pressed from Arbeguina and Picual variety olives. 

Our olive oil is an excellent choice for use in the kitchen as it retains its unique taste and is recommended for those who wish to maintain good health!